Botox Injections is becoming far more popular nowadays and there is barely a celebrity that has not had this done.  Before you go and follow the trend then there are some important facts you should be aware of.

Botox is considered a safe treatment

No treatment or surgery is 100% safe however Botox Injections is considered one of these ones that ticks the box when it comes to minimal risks. The thought of getting a needle between the eyes or on your lips may be overwhelming however we can assure you that the risk of anything going wrong is very minimal.  There is many Botox London companies you can go to for some reassurance.  There are however side effects that you need to be aware of and these include:

  • Bruising – For less than 10% of patients, there is an element of bruising sometimes reported.  This usually is not particularly heavy bruising and will clear up after a few days.
  • Head and neck pain – Again for a small number of patients sometimes head or neck pain is reported.  This isn’t anything substantial and should also clear up.  Normal painkillers can be taken.

Botox is actually a brand name

People immediately think that the work Botox is a medical term but did you know it is actually a band name?  I bet you didn’t.  It is just one type of neurotoxin that is on the market amongst others.  It’s clearly the most common and well known type and has been approved for use for more than 10 years.  It is claimed to kick in a lot faster than its other two rivals on the market.

You may feel funny after the treatment

It takes some time for Botox to actually kick in and you may after a few days feel a little funny.  Remember what the purpose of this is – this is to reduce the wrinkles on your forehead.  As a result moving your forehead as freely as you used to wont be the case and you will struggle with movement.  This may feel a little uncomfortable or uneasy at first but is exactly the intent of the treatment and you will get used to the new feeling.

Botox Injections is for both Men and Women

Many people have a filter that Botox injections are just for women.  This is not the case.  At the moment, women are clearly the biggest consumers of this treatment however in a metrosexual world and males feeling more conscious of their looks, this treatment is becoming more and more popular for this sex.

Botox can be Expensive

Botox injections is considered to be pretty expensive and not an option for everyone.  The price of the treatment will depend on a few factors including the experience of the person delivering the treatment, the number of injections that is included in the treatment but also if there is any revisiting appointments after the surgery.  With many different selections of treatment and people to go to, be sure to do your research of the consultancy you intend to use before committing.


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