With so many painful ailments to treat, there is another called Plantar fasciitis. This ailment refers to heel pain in the foot characterised by an issue with the tissue that runs from our heels to the base of the foot. As unusual as the name might sound, this is pretty common. When one suffers from this, he will find it difficult to stand up after he is up from bed or after he has been in a sleeping position for a long. The pain is excruciating and usually goes away once one stands up and walks for a while. This is an ailment that is very common and does take quite some time to get better. In most situations, the pain subsides and things get better in about six to seven months. Though most doctors would ask one to get operated, a surgery can and will lead to many complications.

Plantar fasciitis is pretty easy to diagnose and all one needs to do is to go to a doctor and get an X-ray done to understand where exactly the issue is. Also, one must bear in mind that getting even an X-ray done would be futile if the pain has subsided in about six months time or less. So, with a bit of motivation from one’s end and doctor’s advice, he can heal the ailment on his own. All one would need to do is to start exercising. Simple exercises like stretches are proven to heal the pain by making the foot sturdy. As far as wearing shoes is concerned, it is recommended that one wears shoes that are strong, durable and give a comfortable support to one’s foot. Also, the various medicines that are non-inflammatory in nature have proven to remedy the pain pretty well.

With so many remedies through which one can treat himself, Plantar fasciitis is an ailment that is pretty easy to sail through. Neither would one have to go for a surgery, spend lots of money on it and then bear the repercussions of it later. A tad bit of motivation along with doctor’s support can do wonders. Survey does relieve the pain but leads to more serious ailments one could develop in the long run. Guided motivation and the urge to recover through over the counter drugs and simple exercises are the best ways to treat this ailment and live a life devoid of such pain.


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