Dental health plans are popular, but there are still thousands of people that have never heard of them, or how they work. Because of this, they are still paying full price for a trip to the dentist, or not receiving the care that they need at all.

Jumping into something unknown can be scary, and often results in individuals not doing anything at all. Even a dental health plan can be intimidating to someone that has never heard of this option. This article will explain the basics, and tell patients everything they need to know about getting started with one of these.

It’s Like Insurance

Dental health plans are not the same thing as insurance, but they do work like insurance. With insurance, the bill is sent to the insurance provider. Then, the insurance provider pays their portion, and a bill is sent to the patient for the remaining amount.

With a dental health plan, the savings are deducted when the office visit occurs. Then, a bill is sent to the patient for the remaining amount.

Either way, the patient still saves money. The only difference is when those savings occur.

Only Certain Providers Are Used

Just like with medical insurance, only certain providers will offer discounts for certain services. For example, only certain dentists will accept a certain type of insurance. Because of this, patients often call various dentists to find one that will accept their type of medical insurance.

This is exactly how it works with these too. Patients will need to browse through a list of providers to find dentists that accept the discount card in their area. After that, patients will choose the dentist that is right for them.

No Co-Pays

This is one of the areas where things are drastically different. Unlike with insurance, there are no co-pays. Members will receive a discount card that will be presented to the provider, and then they are required to pay the balance.

Most members receive savings on prescriptions and vision care at no additional cost. If this is the case, they will not have a co-pay like they will if they have medical insurance. Instead, they will receive the medication or services at a discounted cost.

Nationwide Coverage

Medical insurance will cover a person no matter where they are in the country, and so will these. Patients can move five states away and still receive services at a reduced cost.

Limited Providers in Certain Areas

Patients should keep in mind that there are certain areas where there are limited providers that accept discount cards. For example, one area may have twenty dentists to choose from. Another one may not have a dentist that will accept the discount card within twenty miles.

This can be an inconvenience, but most companies will double check to see if there are providers in the area before selling one of these to a person. They also have websites that can be used to search for local providers.

Dental health plans are a great option for individuals that cannot afford medical insurance, or the insurance that comes with their medical insurance plan. They are affordable, and often come with additional benefits, such as prescription discount cards.

These work almost like medical insurance does too. Once individuals contact a customer service representative, they usually find that dental health plans are a great option for them if there are providers in their local area.

Just like with medical insurance, there are several options available, and all of them are different. Some may only cover certain procedures while others may offer savings for almost everything imaginable. It’s all about finding what works.


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